Simple Steps To Login To POF And Creating A New Password

So you have already opened an account in one of the best and most used dating sites, However, now you are having trouble since you are not finding the link to successfully login in POF. If so, then please no worries at all. In this article I will be guiding you through steps to and also the steps to create a new password in your POF account. So, let’s propel to the steps without any further ado. Starting from,

Steps for POF Login logo

Step 1. At first open any available browser from your personal computer or laptop. Let me remind you, the browser you will be choosing to login in POF should be updated version. If not, then there is a high chance of POF site not supporting your browser since it is made with advanced coding, requiring updated and advanced web browser. My recommendation would be to opt either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome since these browsers are made to handle any kind of site. Then, after

Step 2. Type in the address bar or simply copy and paste the link in the address bar.

Step 3. Press enter from the keyboard or hit search. Wait a while till the page gets load, and then,

Step 4. On the home screen, locate sign in link. For your easiness sign in link can be seen on the top of the navigation bar of the screen. After you locate the sign in link, click it. On the new page, you will see login box however it is mentioned as check mail. So, inside that box it is mentioned to enter your username and password so,

Step 5. Enter your username in the username section. Enter your password in the password section.

Step 7. Click Check mail. You might be confused so to assure you let me tell you pressing check mail will also login your POF account. So, you can happily carry out the login.

Create A New Password In POF

change pqassword

Now, to create a new password in POF, you’ve got to follow the below process,

Step 1. Open your browser from your personal computer or laptop, and as stated earlier do make sure you have an updated browser or simply download and use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2. Type or simply copy the link and paste in the address bar.

Step 3. Hit search, or press enter from your keyboard. Wait a while, then after you will land on the page where it says “Forgot your password?”, and below that it further states “If you forgot your password, please enter your email address below and we’ll email you once you press submit”. Likewise following it, you will see the long rectangular box, where you will need to

Step 4. Enter you email address in the rectangular box. You will need to enter the email address which you used to open the account in POF.

Step 5. Click Submit. The submit button can be seen inside the blue square box.

After you do this, you will need to open your email address to get a new password that is submitted by POF.

Well, all in all these are the easy and short steps to perform POF Login and creating a new password in case you have forgotten. So, enjoy using the POF dating site.